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Halloween GPS

25 Oct


Down boy!

So, what are you going to be for Halloween?

And what does that say about where you “are” in your life?

At various times in my life, I have been a pumpkin, a circus clown, a gypsy, a ghost, a court jester, a brain surgeon, Cat Woman, Dorothy Parker, a sexy ventriloquist, an ultra sexy Martian, Edith Piaf, a nun with a fly swatter, Charlie Chaplin, an urban cowgirl, and nothing.

Nothing is NO fun!

I will leave it up to your imaginations as to which developmental phases I was bumbling through at the various times when those particular costumes were selected. Where was I?

Halloween used to be almost exclusively for children, but today the “dress-up party” is increasingly popular with adults. There is nothing more annoying than a middle-aged man in a diaper, holding a rattle, begging every woman in the room to breast feed him.

The Kid

However, costume parties are an irresistible opportunity for us to connect with our inner playful children, expose our flamboyant tendencies, and possibly reveal that latent cross dressing compulsion. Halloween can be a great opportunity to embrace your inherent theatricality and perhaps even flirt with notions of reinvention.


What fun - a nun at a party

This year I am going to be… a pet psychologist specializing in early puppy development. Sounds like therapy fun.

So, what are YOU going TO BE for Halloween? I’d love to know!

Popular Halloween Costumes 2011 – Time Magazine

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Support Rx Laughter

27 Nov

In the Spirit of the Season…. Please Support Rx Laughter

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