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Follow the Funny – Video

16 Mar

Twitter’s 140 character limit demands a specific, concise form of comedy writing that is demonstrated in the one-liner, epigram and aphorism.

Comedians and comedy writers are skilled at this form. My video homage:

Steve Martin elevates Twitter to an art form with clever and playful humor that is often surreal, and also has fun with the “live time” nature of Twitter as an element in the humor.

Wendy Liebman tweets one-liners that are pure gold. Follow her if you want a quick laugh.

Stephen Colbert (and his writers) consistently cover pop culture and politics in an entertaining way.

Joan Rivers interacts well with fans, promotes tirelessly, drops amusing one-liners, conducts live commentaries on her WeTV show “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows best” as it airs, and shares photos as she performs and makes media appearances.

Mo Rocca tweets witty and timely comments on news and people and his segments from the CBS Sunday Morning TV show.

Steve Martin on his Twitter followers:

Follow The Funny

9 Mar

My homage to comedians on Twitter:

Steve Martin on his Twitter Followers:


Can We Tweet?

4 Mar

Can we talk?  Better yet, can we tweet?

Documentary on DVD

Joan Rivers, “American cultural icon” is a master of promotion and an indefatigable purveyor of humor.  Good news:  she is active on Twitter.

Joan is a savvy marketer, best-selling author of several books, Emmy Award winning talk show host, Tony nominated actress, Celebrity Apprentice Winner, and CEO of Joan Rivers Worldwide.

She is also one of the smartest users of Twitter. She connects. She interacts. She builds community.  Her followers are informed consistently on her many business projects and media appearances – often with a funny line or two.

@Joan_Rivers New York City, New York

A simple girl with a dream…


Sample Tweets by Joan_Rivers:

Joan Rivers
Joan_Rivers Joan Rivers
All this @charliesheen news reminds me of seeing “Inception.” I have no idea what the hell is going on, but can’t wait to see how it ends.
Joan Rivers

Joan_Rivers Joan Rivers

Rumor has it Natalie Portman’s having a boy. It would be so cute if she named him Oscar. Then he could play with Jessica Alba’s son, Razzie.

28 Feb

Joan Rivers

@Joan_Rivers Joan Rivers

Reflection on Oscar Sunday: I’m old enough to actually remember hearing the King’s Speech! Of course, the king was Henry VIII.

27 Feb via web

Joan Rivers

Joan_Rivers Joan Rivers

An opera about the life of Anna Nicole Smith has opened in London. Tickets are available at any pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription.

24 Feb

Joan Rivers

Joan_Rivers Joan Rivers

I sure hope so. I’ve been paying all her bills for years! RT @hectorjoaquin @Joan_Rivers Are you the real Joan?

24 Feb

Joan Rivers

Joan_Rivers Joan Rivers

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t understand the judicial system. When a lawyer advised her to plead the 5th, she said, “Too late, I already drank it.”

23 Feb

Mother & Daughter on WE-tv

Joan Rivers – My Life in Show Business: 135 Years and Counting

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