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Top 10 Funny Mom Flicks (via Barb’s Blast)

3 Aug

A favorite for Blog Her ’11 week!

Top 10 Funny Mom Flicks Freaky Friday Jamie Lee Curtis – she's the mother, she's the daughter, she's the mother in the daughter's body, she's the daughter in the mother's body?  Whatever!  Gosh, role reversal comedies are confusing! She jams at The House of Blues with your garage band, tells your creepy English teacher to take a hike, hops on a Harley for a love ride with the d … Read More

via Barb's Blast


Paris Hilton’s Foot Reflexology Chart (via Barb’s Blast)

3 Jun

Summer is party time!

Paris Hilton's Foot Reflexology Chart In foot reflexology, the parts of the foot correspond to body organs. This is an analysis of the current state of Paris Hilton’s feet: 1. Her toes reflect what's going on in her head. When a noun, “head” follows “air.” Also a verb. 2. The heel end of her foot relates to her Sexual Organs. Tilted, due to wearing 3-inch spike high heel shoes worn dancing, clubbing, starring in X-rated videos and running towards paparazzi. 3. The heel corresponds to … Read More

via Barb's Blast

What To Wear?

25 Jan

The eternal question looms before us daily. What to wear?

For me, the answer is simple. What works for me?  Black, black and more black!


Okay, some gray (it matches my roots) but not too many shades of gray as that shatters my clarity.

As a transplanted NY comedy writer in LA and the 2010 Erma Bombeck Global Humor Winner (Erma rocks!) I feel compelled to wear black most days.  (So much so, that my concerned neighbor inquired, “Dear, are you in mourning?”)

For me, black summons the Muse. Black is cosmopolitan. Black is bodacious. Ha, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, black camouflages belly fat, love handles and flabby thighs (all the more reason to love it, I say!)

I like “comfy shab” when I’m plugging away on my humor blog Barb’s Blast (you’re reading it now honey!) or my books (stay tuned!) but also when – like many contemporary women (translation: multi-tasking, overachieving masochists)

I am a working wife (is there any other kind?), working mother (geez, is there any other kind?) coach, mentor, CFO, CEO, COO, microwave chef, dog nurturer, Satellite Sisters & Chaos Chronicles fan, Dorothy Parker & Robert Benchley worshiper, entrepreneur, bad TV aficionado, pop culture critic, aspiring cougar, pet therapist, chief wine and water bottle recycler, caffeine addict and other things I can’t recall.

With classic black and gray styles, I am as equally fashionable squeezing cantaloupe and kiwi in the busy market as editors and clients in onerous business meetings.

I am as comfortable stripping down in airport security lines as I am crafting uppity one-liners.

I look casually chic even when I feel as scattered as a pile of pick-up sticks in a 5.5 earthquake.

Shucks, I toss some fake pearls on and folks take me for a classy broad.

Serious and playful; It works for me.

Classic Song

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My Favorite Things

4 Jan

“These are a few of my favorite things…”


In honor of the 5,283 rd time that I have been coerced (okay, gladly) into watching “The Sound of Music”  +  to celebrate my disturbing infatuation with the highly enriching TV show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

Hallo Dawling!



Champagne and roses and tattoos on yacht sailors

Bright ruby bracelets and mega power players

Blue velvet bags filled with diamond rings

These are a few of my favorite things,

(Ca-Ching! Ca-Ching!)


Dudes in Gucci leather and aviator glasses

Chanel No. 5 sprayed on the masses

Long winter weekends with barons and kings

These are a few of my favorite things,


Credit: Bravo TV

When the dog barfs

When the Botox stings

When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don’t feel so bad!

(Ca-Ching! Ca-Ching!)


Red Lamborghinis and fluffy white poodles

Silver and gold 24K, oodles and oodles

Dividend checks that the butler brings

These are a few of my favorite things,

(Ca-Ching! Ca-Ching!)  

Biceps and bulges and movie star looks

Days spent alone with bloody good books

A beautiful romance with lots of bling-blings,

These are a few of my favorite things



When the dog barfs

When the Botox stings

When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don’t feel so mad bad sad!

(Ca-Ching! Ca-Ching!) 


Clubbing all night and sleeping ‘til noon

Creme brulee with a big silver spoon

Louis Vuitton, Cartier and caviar beluga

A ’51 Rolls with a horn, Oogah! Oogah!

A ’round the world cruise without any strings

These are a few of my favorite things!

(Ca-Ching! Ca-Ching! Ca-Ching!)


Most Annoying People of 2010

28 Dec

Hi fellow Blasters!  These are 5 of my most annoying — who are yours?

Eliot Spitzer (Too ugly for a photo here)

This loser sleazeball is rewarded for being a scuzzy sleazeball by being gifted a tedious TV show with journalist Kathleen Parker.

cnn store

Cynics may venture a wild guess that this is CNN’s flaccid attempt to jack up cheesy sexual curiosity for (you guessed it) ratings.

Load up on Purell, Ms. Parker.


Justin Bieber

Too young. Too cute. Sings like a girl. Way too successful for a weeny little puppy.


Call me in ten years, Bieber.  I’ll tuck you in then!

Hugh Hefner

the more the merrier

105 year old Hugh Hefner and his 15 year old fiance + all of his former main squeezes – especially the ones with their own reality shows. (you know who you are)

Yup, macho man Hef will keep her up all night – with diaper changes.

Hiccup Girl

Help, I can't stop!

If there is anything more annoying than having hiccups yourself (especially at the theater or on a hot date) – it is “hiccup girl.”  “BOO” to you!

Charlie Sheen

Why does “bad boy behavior” (domestic violence, assault, drugs, disorderly conduct, etc.) translate into increased popularity on a family oriented TV sitcom?

Do not collect $2,000,000

I Ink, Therefore I Am

18 Oct

Hmmm, should I get a tattoo?

Now that the sales of eBooks, Kindles, iPads and Nooks are surging, I wonder where all the ink from the printing of traditional books is going?

My theory is that most of it is ending up on various body parts as (you guessed it) tattoos.

Take a look around you (especially if you’re cursed to live in a stylish, relatively young and ultra hip city like Los Angeles, Miami or San Francisco) – what do you see?

Hmmm... can I tattoo my eyeballs?

Everyone and his mamma (statistically accurate + or – 25%) is sporting a tattoo.

Tattoos are also ubiquitous in the designs of T-shirts, sneakers, jeans, jackets, leather accessories, whips, glassware – seemingly everything but caskets.

Just ask artist Ed Hardy.

When did pretty in pink become pretty in ink?

I can’t pick up Twinkies and vodka at the A & P without being flashed by sexy tattoos from every woman who bends over to empty her grocery cart or pick up a can of creamed beef from the bottom shelf

(God forbid she spill her purse on the floor and have to scramble on all fours!)

No doubt the popularity of tattoos and low-rise jeans has magnified the shock and awe of classic “plumber’s crack.”

Peek-a-boo! Thrusting out at you from a red tattered thong strap is a snake entwined rose bush, a couple of love birds on park swings, a broken heart with the letters “R.I.P. U S.O.B.” and a couple of smirking skeletons “doing it.”

All hands on deck!

Pray tell, must every sacrun and coccyx from Hoboken to Hialeah be personalized in ink?  Must every metacarpal and phalange from Philly to Fullerton be branded in henna body art?

Celebrities such as Kat Von D, Jesse James, Carey Hart and Tommy Lee encourage the myth that all this ink on your skin is an irresistibly cool thing!

You lookin' at me?

Me thinks skin that’s totally covered with ink should be called “skink.”

Me thinks the tattoo mania will peter out soon… hopefully before the ink dries.

If you’re feeling like a relaxing YouTube break, check out the video below that portrays ink making as a sensual experience. Really.

The music alone – Alfred Brendel Piano Concerto No.5 in E flat major Op.73 -“Emperor” – 2 Adagio un poco mosso  – will sooth your soul.

(Think spa day!)

(Credit: A Chief Ink Maker shows how colour and ink is created from the raw ingredients–powder, varnish, and passion. Everything designers and printers need to know about the process, the challenges and joy of ink making.


The Printing Ink Company: True Performance in Colour
Presented by Peter Welfare, president and head ink maker, The Printing Ink Company. )

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