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Vote for Comedy

10 Jan

2012 – Leap year and election year.  Who needs Dixville Notch? We got Reese.


You go, girl!


Reese Witherspoon gets my vote for one of the funniest movies ever  – Election.



Directed by Alexander Payne. Based on the novel by Tom Perrotta. Screenplay by Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor. 1999. Paramount.



11 Funny Money Tips

14 Sep

Love ya Ben!

The economy sucks big time. We must cut corners. We must stuff our piggy banks ’til they burst at the seams. We must pinch pennies ’til they scream to be tossed into the nearest fountain.

Here are 11 Money Saving TIPS… you may not have seen elsewhere!

  • Recycle dental floss. This requires some imagination (and admittedly it is fairly gross) but if you’re conscientious about oral hygiene (and I hope you are) – you’ll rake in the bucks.
  • The kitchen whisk doubles nicely as a head massager. Self-pleasure is the name of the game here. The moola saved on masseuse fees and the hours spent begging your spouse for a freebie is saved. Voila!
  • Who needs “Meatless Mondays?” Why not “Meatless Months” and “Supper-free Seasons” for bona fide fiscal impact?
  • Join the legions of lazies who subscribe religiously to “Waffle Week.” Frozen waffles make a dandy meal for the entire family. And they are only $3.59 a box. ($3.49 if you have a lousy coupon)
  • Let’s see how much they really love you! Shake down Gramps and Granny for some serious dental gold, old cigarette lighters, brass knuckles, and silver fountain pens. While you’re at it, filch the sterling tea service in the dining room they never use. Then beat a beeline – with your shiny stash – to the local pawnbroker or gold dealer for some quick cash.
  • The pet toy business is a $25 billion dollar industry. You need not spend big dollars to keep your pets feeling adored and entertained. A Goldfish cracker on kite string or used dental floss (see TIP #1) makes a nifty cat toy for Little Fluffy. (And she’ll thank you for the fresher breath)
  • Skippy loves to play, too. According to NSNC award winning humorist Dawn Weber, asphalt makes a fine (and free) dog chew toy. After dark, take the kids and head over to the nearby Interstate with your handy jack hammer. Drill, baby, drill. Bag yourself some choice chunks. Hours of pleasure for puppy.

Dawn Lighten Up

  • Instead of a fancy schmancy birthday cake for those extra special family members, how about a vat of communal humus and day old cupcakes? Yum.
  • I realize this is a touchy subject with some of you. However, please consider diluting your daily bottles of “Mom Wine.” This will make it stretch a little longer, thus saving you a load of loot (and perhaps a few brain cells, too).

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

  • Home energy costs got you down? Turn the heater “OFF.” For warmth, scrounge up your old, sad holiday candles and fire away. Tell your children you’re conducting a home school study unit on Colonial America. Wow, how our spunky settlers dealt with their harsh, bitter cold winters!
  • Vacations are so passe. “Staycations” are the thing now. What an excellent opportunity to camp out on your sofa, binge on Costco snacks, and catch up on juicy episodes of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Watching those crazy broads roll in the dough is, at least, a vicarious kick.

FACTOID: The “staycation” was invented by Donna Reed in the classic film “It’s A Wonderful Life.” No money for that honeymoon in Hawaii? So what, we got chickens on the spit!” Right in our living room! Hooray!

Fun To Follow

22 Mar

Some comic gems in the stream of Twitter twaddle:


Smart & Sassy


Award Winning Humorist


NYC Clever


Funny Empty Nester


Twitter profile Suzy Soro

Entertaining & Ballsy Comedy

Join in on the fun! And follow me @HaBarb!



Titters on Twitter

20 Mar

So why doesn’t Twitter have a laugh track?

Follow The Funny

9 Mar

My homage to comedians on Twitter:

Steve Martin on his Twitter Followers:


Steve Martin & Oscar

28 Feb


If you didn’t get any laughs (and who did?) at the Oscars this year, check this video out! It’s worth it…

Most Annoying People of 2010

28 Dec

Hi fellow Blasters!  These are 5 of my most annoying — who are yours?

Eliot Spitzer (Too ugly for a photo here)

This loser sleazeball is rewarded for being a scuzzy sleazeball by being gifted a tedious TV show with journalist Kathleen Parker.

cnn store

Cynics may venture a wild guess that this is CNN’s flaccid attempt to jack up cheesy sexual curiosity for (you guessed it) ratings.

Load up on Purell, Ms. Parker.


Justin Bieber

Too young. Too cute. Sings like a girl. Way too successful for a weeny little puppy.


Call me in ten years, Bieber.  I’ll tuck you in then!

Hugh Hefner

the more the merrier

105 year old Hugh Hefner and his 15 year old fiance + all of his former main squeezes – especially the ones with their own reality shows. (you know who you are)

Yup, macho man Hef will keep her up all night – with diaper changes.

Hiccup Girl

Help, I can't stop!

If there is anything more annoying than having hiccups yourself (especially at the theater or on a hot date) – it is “hiccup girl.”  “BOO” to you!

Charlie Sheen

Why does “bad boy behavior” (domestic violence, assault, drugs, disorderly conduct, etc.) translate into increased popularity on a family oriented TV sitcom?

Do not collect $2,000,000

Holiday Gifts I DON’T Want!

9 Dec

Buy at: dachshundsdressedforshow.com

NO “Dog Snuggie” or hip clothing for the pooch

Animals that chase their tails, lick their private parts incessantly in public and sniff strangers’ crotches willy-nilly should not be making fashion statements.

Sorry Ms. Hilton, but I’ve yet to see a Chihuahua look stylish in a leopard print.  Get over it – a Bassett Hound will never be a fashionista!


NO to a pet goat!

Yes,  I understand that according to World Vision, “Goats provide milk, yogurt and cheese – and truly change lives.”

BUT if you give me a goat for Christmas, I swear on a stack of Farmer’s Almanacs, I’ll never speak to you again – not even on FB.

FYI: 7-11s provide milk, yogurt and cheese plus highly entertaining tabloids and nifty lottery tickets, too – and they won’t crap on your carpet, scare the poor cat silly or eat the TV remote.

Buy at: Cafepress.com

NOPE to the hokey jokey T-shirts

BTW “I’m with Stupid” is shockingly redundant for most of us.


NO self-published autobiographical tomes

Buy at ChronicleBooks.com

How do I make time to read your 5 trillion word (single-spaced) masterpiece?

I don’t have the time or inclination to skim the instructions to my cell phone – and my life depends upon that.

Reading about your madcap adventures with quirky Grandma at The Mall of America three summers ago just doesn’t scream “High Priority.”

Frankly, it suggests a deep sleep akin to a decade-long coma that one is unlikely to recover from – ever.

Buy at: Amazon.com

NO bizarre personal care items such as “armpit pruner” or “cordless ear wax cleaners” are remotely acceptable as holiday gifts.

“Powerful, yet gentle, suction” should not be used on the ear unless your I Pod headphones have embedded themselves in your ear canals and you literally “just can’t get that song outta your head.”

Credit: ModernPooch.com

NO to the Dog DNA Analysis Kit

($59.95 + $11.99 Shipping & Handling) Instructions read “Simply swab the insides of your dog’s cheeks” – Right!

My crazed Rottweiler-whatever pup will surely let me open his mouth and “swab” away without mutilating my hands and tearing my face off first!

Maybe I can “swab” while I’m brushing and flossing his teeth, he’s so mellow then.

NIX-NAYEnough with the re-gifted curly bow spa baskets!

Soap is soap and I say it’s boring! If you really care…

Come over and give me a Champagne bubble bath and a hot oil massage if you seriously want to gift me like I’m a VIP at The Breakers.

Credit: VanityFair.com

Support Rx Laughter

27 Nov

In the Spirit of the Season…. Please Support Rx Laughter

Rx Laughter Donation Cards $5

Rx Laughter, a research and health care initiative that utilizes the healing power of humor to treat the seriously ill.


Sherry Dunay Hilber
Founder and President of Rx Laughter

Email: ContactRxLaughter@Gmail.com

Phone: 805 927-4197 PST

Tax EIN:  20-037-9277.  Rx Laughter is a formally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization.  Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

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