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Pharmacy Funk

21 Mar

So Many Ticked off Weary Texters Feigning Satisfaction


Standing for over an hour in a ridiculously long line at the hospital pharmacy? (Thank God for smart phones.)

So what if you were just released from the ICU after a week’s stay that was life-saving but spirit-numbing? You may resume your normal activities. Go run that marathon, honey!

This is your first endurance test: Will you get that golden prescription filled in time for the highly critical first dose? Hmm, will you make it to the front of the line alive? Definitely kicking, but alive?

One might assume the pharmacist could do the math and put some more chairs out for the slew of sick and tired waiters. Or perhaps a chaise lounge for dying patients customers?  Maybe an I.V. of chicken soup?  A cookie?

One would assume incorrectly.  (Best to lower those silly expectations.)


Stop Making Those Wishful Thoughts Fetch Sadness

How about a creative visualization DVD running on a flat screen TV?  The sound of waves are so soothing. Great for anger management.

I hope this doesn’t come with floss…

Save My Time With The Fake Schmooze. “JUST GIVE ME MY MEDS, DUDE!”


*** Nothing says “Mother” like a trip to the emergency room and a week in the hospital with your kid. Thank yous to NYU Medical Center and the superb care they gave my daughter! ***

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New York University School of Medicine

New York University School of Medicine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Check This Out

2 Aug

Don’t you despise those “DO-IT-YOURSELF LADY” check-out kiosks?

Barb's Blast

Bossy discount store employees bark at you to line up in front of the “Express” machine and DO THE WORK YOURSELF. Isn’t that why we’re paying $5.89 for Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Bars?

So some one else will scan and bag the items?

Jeez, isn’t that what the employees (aka “check-out personnel”) are paid to do?

Self check-out lanes charge you the same price – with ZERO customer service.

If I’m going to scan my Q-Tips, canned corn and Kellogg’s Special K – I’m insisting upon lower prices PLUS medical and dental benefits from The Man!

Fellow shoppers, what do you think? Do you agree?

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