Paris Hilton’s Foot Reflexology Chart (via Barb’s Blast)

3 Jun

Summer is party time!

Paris Hilton's Foot Reflexology Chart In foot reflexology, the parts of the foot correspond to body organs. This is an analysis of the current state of Paris Hilton’s feet: 1. Her toes reflect what's going on in her head. When a noun, “head” follows “air.” Also a verb. 2. The heel end of her foot relates to her Sexual Organs. Tilted, due to wearing 3-inch spike high heel shoes worn dancing, clubbing, starring in X-rated videos and running towards paparazzi. 3. The heel corresponds to … Read More

via Barb's Blast


One Response to “Paris Hilton’s Foot Reflexology Chart (via Barb’s Blast)”

  1. summit4sucess July 24, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    I am a passionate Reflexologist and enjoyed your post. Thanks

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