E-Book To The Future!

7 Mar


It’s here. March 6-12, 2011. Read an E-Book Week!

“Read electronically. The future of books is here.”

Let us celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the e-book.

The first “e-book”– a copy of the Declaration of Independence – was created by Michael Hart in 1971. The project, developed on a Xerox Sigma V mainframe computer, became what is known today as Project Gutenberg.

You can learn all about electronic reading at “Read an E-book Week.”

From the “Read An E-Book Week” web site:

EPICEPIC, the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition includes hundreds of professionals from all facets of the electronic publishing industry: authors, publishers, editors, artists, and others. The members work together in a unique collaboration between authors and publishers to further the industry.

e-publisher All Romance eBooks: All the romance you need from all the publishers you love. The romance specialty store with over 30,000 romance and erotica titles.

ebook vendorOmnilit: The bookstore at the corner of your digital neighborhood.

eink E Ink Corporation: They’re the folks that invented, developed and now mass produce the electronic display for e-readers.

Kobo e-booksKobo: eReading: any time, any place. Kobo uses ePub format so you can download books from sources such as your library. 

CurrclickCurrClick.com: The largest destination for downloadable curriculum, offering thousands of resources for parents, educators and students.

e-books free Samhain Publishing: Bestselling original ebook fiction, offering you the stories you want…when you want them.

e-books for freeE-Book Australia: Offers links to numerous free e-books, plus e-book news updates and software information. Very up-to-date on breaking news. A great site.

smashwords ebookSmashwords: Excellent ebook publishing and distribution platform for ebook authors, publishers and readers.

Amazon.com: The leader. Kindle formatted e-books.


Great resource on e-books:

Media Bistro e-BookNewser The First Word in Digital Publishing


3 Responses to “E-Book To The Future!”

  1. Health and Humor - by Dave Glardon March 7, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    I read an interesting article last week about an author who’s making a small fortune with e-books. I think there will always be people who enjoy curling up with a good book, thumbing through the pages, instead of scrolling through the iPad. But the days of electronic media are here to stay, and traditional publishers need to get on board. For that matter, we all do.

  2. Tina DC Hayes March 7, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    That ebooks could be 40 years old totally blows my mind!! How cool is that 🙂

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