Eat, Pray, Like!

6 Sep

I – and millions of my close personal cyber friends – eat, pray and “Like” everyday.

Om. We eat at our desks in front of our computers.

Om. We pray that our internet connections do not crash.

Om. We “Like” on Facebook and all over the darn place. We Like this. We Like that. If we find ourselves in a particularly generous mood, we like everything we see. Click, click, click. It’s easy. It’s fun. And like swilling Vitameatavegamin, it’s so tasty, too.

Share the love!

The popular social media plug-in “I Like” gets a thumbs up from me. “I Like” sure knows how to push my buttons.

As my loving mother barked at me, “Be nice to your creepy little brother! So what if he put a Boa Constrictor down your bra? Why can’t you just like each other?”

I Love You!

As Barney the painfully purple dinosaur sang at us, “I love you, You love me, we’re a happy family.” Barney & Friends liked each other into a diabetic coma. Historic note – The “I Love You” song is so annoying that it has reportedly been used by interrogators at Guantamano Bay to coerce detainees.

In Venice, a handsome young Italian man wearing a snug striped shirt and form fitting pants (and obviously enamored of me) smiled up at me from his sidewalk sausage cart on the Piazza San Marco and blurted, “You like-a me?” I do-a! I do-a! (Who says American women are naive among Italian stallions?)

"You Like-a Me?"

Spiritual leaders – and The Beatles – remind us that it is easier to like and love than to dislike or hate.

There is a whole lotta liking going on out there. And i figure it can only add to the love in the world. You Like?


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